Anthony Hamilton’s “Back to Love”

I’m so excited to be a part of Anthony Hamilton’s new album “Back to Love”!! I saw on Twitter this morning that the album came out so I downloaded it instantly. I interned for Arista records in NYC when I was 19. I bumped into a guy in the elevator who was the nicest person I had met since I’d been there.  I asked my boss who he was and he said, “That’s Anthony Hamilton”. I asked how long he’d worked for Arista and my boss said that he was a new artist who’s first album was about to come out. I grabbed one of the samplers with 4 or 5 tunes on it from “Comin’ From Where I’m From” and listened to it obsessively until the full album came out. I was a huge fan instantly. I got the chance to tell Anthony that story at the Grammy’s in 2006 and he and I have been good friends ever since.  When I’ve had some down times he’s been the first one on multiple occasions to lift me up in prayer with a thoughtful email.  I feel very blessed to be a small part of this album. Andre Harris produced the track I played guitar on called “Broken Man”. Download the album from iTunes today so we can take it to Platinum status!!

Broken Man – 

iTunes Link to “Back to Love” 


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