CNN Suck List



I would say that around 80% of the TV I watch is cable news. I pretty much bounce around all of the networks but I watch CNN more than the others by quite a bit. That was until the Malaysian flight went missing. I’ve gone through so many emotions since they’ve started their wall to wall coverage of that damn plane crash. It started out as annoyance, then frustration, then anger, then I was actually kind of impressed that they could report on nothing for so many days in a row, and I’ve finally arrived at disgust. I know this sounds naive of me but I thought CNN was above this kind of desperate ratings grab. Obviously they’re not. The parasitic nature in which they’ve attached themselves to this tragedy is revolting. But you know why they do it? Because people are actually eating it up!! Their ratings are up. I don’t get it. Just like I don’t get their lineup. Whoever does the hiring around there should be fired. Finally the smuggest man on television, Piers Morgan, got the can. He sucks so bad it amazes me he had his show for this long. The second smuggest man on TV, Wolf Blitzer, has been dead panning the news for years now. Their saving grace is my journalistic hero, Anderson Cooper. I’m a huge fan. That dude has more character and journalistic integrity than everyone else on his network combined. I will say they have some other good one’s, but in my humble opinion he’s the only great. Hopefully once CNN moves on from the crash I’ll be able to tune back in while I eat my morning bowl of raisin bran.



Such a bad ass.




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