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What do you do when your country is in the middle of a recession and you’re graduating college and jobs are almost nowhere to be found? If you’re as talented as Spencer Nikosey you start your own company. He manages to make all of his bags, backpacks, etc. from his space in downtown LA. You won’t find any “made in China” labels there. And the quality of his work is second to none. I’ve been on the search for a soft but strong case for my pedal board. Flying with a hard case is such a pain so I started looking for someone who could build/design me what I’m looking for. That search led me to KILLSPENCER. I reached out to Spencer and he invited me to his warehouse in downtown LA to talk about the project. Spencer is a visionary so if you find yourself at his space you might pick up one of his bags, and beside it a pair of shoes that he made, or sketches for some new technological breakthrough. His bags are just one extension of his creativity and I was excited to work on one with him. He and his team were working on the sketches for my bag on his ping pong table. It didn’t take long for us to start talking pong and the next day we battled it out. …He’s got game. My favorite of his production bags is the weekender. I hope to pick one up soon. It would be perfect for when I’m catching a flight for a quick gig. A pair of jeans, a few shirts, a couple effects pedals and I’m good to go.  Check out his site HERE and get yourself a bag that will last your entire life.


Larry Crowne

I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan, which is why I was even more stoked to be credited as one of the guitar players for this movie. I had no idea I was in the credits until my mom called and told me she heard I was listed. I think this is officially my first movie credit!


Monday Funday

I get to fill in for one of my favorite guitar players and people next week, the illustrious Jarod Evans. In preparation for this gig I went through 5 different straps until I found one that would go low enough to wear my Les Paul down by my right hip, a la “Jarod style“. Click the link… You’ll know what I mean. Hopefully I’ll be able to make up for my jeans not being as skinny by wearing my guitar in proper rock position. I hope this makes you proud Jarod. This coming Monday night (Apr. 4) I’ll be playing with Graham Colton for his LA album release show at Hotel Cafe. We’ll be going on at 8:30pm. Yours truly will be on Pedal Steel and Electric Guitar, Tommy Walter will be on guitar and keys, John Spiker on bass, and Daniel James will be on drums. Hotel Cafe is one of my favorite venues and I’m playing with some of my best friends so it’s going to be a great night. If you’re in the area you don’t want to miss it!! Click on Hotel Cafe for more information. Below are some pics from the Lifehouse studio from when we tracked Pacific Coast Eye’s. …Enjoy.

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See you there!!

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Two of my best friends in the world (Garret Colton & Graham Colton) opened up an incredible shop. It’s called OK-LA and it’s located in Oklahoma City. For those who like goods, clothing, and other random things that are made to last a lifetime you’ll dig this place. They’re slogan says it all, “Where old meets new in the middle of America”. They carry some of my favorite brands like Makr and Band of Outsiders. Check em out and get some man gear!

OK-LA: Pop-up Shop | NewsOK Videos.


I Love You “Yes I Do” – Debut!!

Russ mixed this tune to tape using the 1/2 inch reel to reel at Magic Shop Studio's

Well… I just got back to LA with 3 completed tunes! I’m really excited about these songs and hope you all like the finished product. Today is the debut of “I Love You (Yes I Do)”.  I’d like to dedicate the debut of this song to the loving memory of Ashlee Madison. She was a great friend, an amazing talent, and a beautiful spirit.  She loved singing this song with me and always gave me that smile and nod when we were about to play it on stage.  I’m so thankful and grateful for the musicians and people involved with this project, most notably Mike Feingold who is a great friend and a hell of a producer.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way!! I’ll be posting the other tunes soon and will let everyone know when and how they will be available for purchase.




Christopher Wray – Guitar, Vocals

Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson – Drums

Pino Palladino – Bass

Dontae Winslow – Horns

Patrick Warren – Chamberlin, Celeste

Jon Cowherd – Wurlitzer, Hammond B3

Dave Easley – Pedal Steel

Mike Feingold – Producer, Guitar

Tommy Walter – Engineer

Brady Mcgowan – Asst. Engineer

Russell “The Dragon” Elevado – Mixing

Kabir Herman – Asst. Engineer

Chris Franz – Engineer

Doug Tyo- Engineer

Charles Moniz – Editing


Abandoned Pools News!!

I have some exciting news for all you Abandoned Pools fans! Tommy Walter is hard at work on a new record and will be releasing a single in the near future.  He’s gotten a ton of emails for the past couple years from fans and friends alike that want a new record.  He’s finally hit the writing pad again after a five year hiatus.  Tommy recently signed on with Art of Broadcast who he said has been instrumental in getting this project off the ground.  Some of the tunes that will be on this album are songs that have been hanging around for a few years while others are being written right now.  The process for this album is much like the process for the first album. Tommy will be working by himself, without a band, and the album will be self produced.  Tommy said this is the process he’s most comfortable with.  Though he won’t have an official band, their will definitely be an amazing list of musicians contributing to the project.  I’m very proud to say I’ll be playing a little guitar on the record, and I’m really excited to get in the studio.  I did a post on Tommy a few weeks back, so those of you that are familiar with his work know that he has been busy with a few other projects.  There is the Oliver the Penguin record he did with the beautiful Rie Sinclair and the Glacier Hiking album that is currently being recorded with producer Neil Avron and is co-lead with Ross Golan.  Tommy has also been producing the new Graham Colton record which is receiving its finishing touches.

I’ll take some pics and hopefully some video from our upcoming session so check in from time to time for info.

The best way to stay up to date is by following Abandoned Pools on Twitter at @abandonedpools.

I’ll leave you with Tighter Noose, one of my favorite AP tunes off the 2005 Universal release “Armed to the Teeth”.


Album Update and Who’s on it

Mike and I working at HOB Studio's

Well… If someone would have told me at the beginning of this year that I would be making my dream record, and I would have the first batch of tunes nearly finished by March, I don’t think I would have believed them.  But the Lord works in mysterious ways.  My friend and producer Mike Feingold has been working around the clock on this album and I’ve never been prouder or more excited to share my music.  Mike and I share such a clear vision on where we want the music to go and he’s bringing out the best in my songs and my musicianship.  He’s also responsible for putting together the players for this record and I have to say he did a damn good job.  I could never express how much I appreciate these guys for blessing my music with what they do. So here’s the lineup:

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson – Drums

Pino Palladino – Bass

Jon Cowherd – Keys

Dave Easley – Pedal Steel

Patrick Warren – Chamberlin, Optigan and Mellotron

Mike Feingold – Production and a little of everything else.

…and “Yours Truly” on Guitar and Vocals

Just a reminder: None of the music from these sessions is on my website or myspace yet. I’ll be posting a tune or two in about a month and I’ll also be posting on each individual player on my album in the weeks to come.  Also, I really appreciate everyone’s retweet’s when I tweet links to my blog and I love reading everyone’s comments!  Keep em coming! I hope this finds everyone well and I hope you check back in soon!

Twitter: @cwraymusic