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By far my new favorite Outdoor/Performance Clothing Company. I went to Jackson Hole, WY for a few days last week, but before I did, I needed to get a jacket. I realized when going through my closet that I didn’t really have an insulated jacket for winter. In JH, a jean jacket won’t do it. So I stopped by the Aether Outpost on Melrose before heading out. I first went to the Outpost with my buddy Spencer Nikosey (KILLSPENCER) last winter when he was in the market for a jacket himself. I had seen Aether stuff on Uncrate before but he’s the one who really turned me on to them. I found out that you don’t need an appointment anymore so I dropped by and Melissa was there to help me out. She’s the best by the way. It’s always refreshing to meet really cool people that dig their job. Anyway, I picked up the Alto and a Slub Hoodie. Their warranty is incredible so I think the investment is well worth it. Their gear is made to last. It was perfect for Jackson and Yellowstone but I’ll also be able to rock that jacket in LA when it gets a little cooler. If you’re in the LA area you should stop by the Outpost just to see their space. It’s pretty incredible. Thanks Melissa and everyone else at Aether for the hospitality and for the great gear!!